Who am I?

Argentinian by origin, living for more than 10 years in Belgium, I take great pleasure in sharing with you the culture and wealth of my country by making you discover its extraordinary wines. But not only! Because the pleasure of tasting wines goes hand in hand with the diversity of these. Ten years on the market have indeed allowed me to meet winegrowers from all over the world. This allows me today to offer a very varied range, which I hope meets your desires.


“It is this culture of good humor and the pleasure of enjoying the life that I try to share through my activities” …


DO IT well

Enjoying a good glass of wine also goes hand in hand with good humor. Those who know me know this well. Drinking a glass of wine is first and foremost a good time, with family or friends. And if there is also a little something to eat to accompany the tasting, it's even better!

My passion is to offer you quality wines, at a reasonable price, which accompany you during your moments with family and friends.


Thank you for your trust and good tasting! In moderation, of course.